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The hardest part of my adoption journey has been the waiting, waiting and more waiting.

But I’m not just sitting around.  I’m using this time to get ready for my future child. 

Over the last year I have gathered the necessary baby gear and prepared the nursery.  I’ve even started sewing a baby blanket.

I have also talked with many adoptive parents who have been supportive and informative and will also provide my future child with connections to other adopted children.  This is important to me because I want my child to see all types of families and have other kids who can relate to their experiences.

I’ve used this time to read books and articles on parenting, adoption and bonding.  There’s a list on my Amazon with children’s books about adoption that will be encouraging and comforting for my future child.  I’ve also taken multiple courses on various subjects related to adoption and parenting.

Everything I’m doing to prepare will hopefully make me a better parent to the child I know is just around the corner.


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